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Innovative Book Publishing For More Than 200 Years

Bonnier has been publishing books since its start in 1804

Bonnierförlagen is Sweden’s biggest publishing group comprised of a large number of publishing houses spanning a broad range of all genres. The publishing houses are Albert Bonniers Förlag, Bokförlaget Forum, Bokförlaget Max Ström, Bonnier Audio, Bonnier Bookery, Bonnier Carlsen, Bonnier Fakta, Bonnier Pocket,  Igloo Books Sverige, Kartago, Lovereads, Månpocket, Reseförlaget, and Wahlström & Widstrand.

Bonnierförlagen also holds a major book club business, which includes Bonniers Bokklubb, Bokklubben Svalan, Spänningszonen, Lyssnarklubben and Månadens bok. Bonnierförlagen, which employs about 270 people, also includes Bonnier Rights.

The company is wholly owned by the Bonnier family, which has been running it for seven generations.